Nicotine Gum And Nicotine Lozenges | Nicorette

Nicorette provides nicotine gum and nicotine lozenges to help you quit smoking. Find out which stop smoking aids are right for you.

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Coupons | Nicorette

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Nicotine Gum and Nicotine Lozenges | Nicorette

Craving relief never tasted so good. Nicorette® Coated Lozenge helps stop cigarette cravings in their tracks. Bold Ice Mint flavor and lasting craving relief come together to create the first and only FDA-approved coated lozenge.. LEARN MORE

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Nicorette Lozenge | Nicotine Lozenge | Nicorette

Triple your chances of success when quitting smoking with Nicorette® Lozenge – the nicotine lozenge that dissolves in your mouth, releasing therapeutic nicotine to help beat nicotine cravings wherever and whenever they strike.

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How to Manage Your Cigarette Cravings | Nicorette

By learning what sets off cigarette cravings for you, you’re able to prepare ahead of time or avoid those situations altogether. To get started, take notice of the times you smoke while you’re planning to quit. That way, when you do start your quit, you’re ready to face the tough moments head on.

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How Does Nicorette Work | Nicorette

How does Nicorette work? Nicorette delivers a dose of therapeutic nicotine to help you quit. As your body gradually adjusts to getting less nicotine, you’ll step down the amount you take until the day when you don’t need any at all.

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Is Nicotine Gum Addictive? | Nicorette

When you use nicotine gum, it’s important to follow the directions so you can properly step down the amount of nicotine you need. As your body gets used to less nicotine, you’ll find that your cravings lessen and that’s how you break your dependence on it.

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Frequently Asked Questions | Nicotine Gum | Nicorette®

Make sure the Airplane Mode is off. In iPhones, delete all your saved Wi-Fi passwords: go to Settings >General >Reset tap Reset Network Settings In Androids, check that the background is not restricted by going into your phone's Settings >Apps >WhatsApp >Data usage and make sure background data is not restricted.

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How To Use Nicotine Gum | Nicorette

Chewing nicotine gum can help a half-pack-a-day smoker save over $2,000 a year. Discover the most effective way to use Nicorette gum to kick the habit.

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How To Use Nicotine Lozenge | Nicorette

Place the lozenge in your mouth, occasionally moving it side to side.. Allow it to slowly dissolve (about 20-30 minutes) and try to minimize swallowing; Do not chew or swallow the lozenge; Do not use more than 1 lozenge at a time or continuously use 1 after another

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Nicotine Gum Vs. Nicotine Lozenge | Nicorette

Nicotine gum vs nicotine lozenge. Nicotine gum and lozenges are both popular and convenient forms of nicotine replacement therapy. They’re great options for many quitters because they can help with more than just nicotine withdrawal.

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