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4 Ways Veterans Can Improve Their Job Search - My Perfect

Understand that "veteran" on your resume isn't an automatic pass GO collect $200 get JOB. Then when you get turned down (or just straight-up ghosted), you'll be better equipped to dust yourself off and look elsewhere; 2. Demilitarize yourself, but don't go native. Civilians aren't nearly as rigid as most service members (or veterans, for that

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Transferable Job Skills: Sales Industry | MyPerfectResume

This has had a serious trickle-down effect for sales professionals. Nearly 700,000 workers in retail, the biggest segment of sales employees, have lost their jobs, and that's just one segment of the sales workers who have been affected.Workers in roles like inside sales, outside sales, insurance, telemarketing and other parts of the sector are also expected to be impacted.

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