7 Things To Never Say To A Contractor | Freedom Mentor

Those are the seven things to never say to a contractor. They all might seem like pretty simple guidelines, but they're a lot more difficult to practice in real life. Oftentimes, we get busy, and try to take shortcuts in life. Do not take shortcuts with contractors or you will regret it.

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Creative Real Estate Certification Course | Freedom Mentor

off original price! The coupon code you entered is expired or invalid, but the course is still available! This course is included for FREE for all those in the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program. Only Phil Pustejovsky's Apprentices are allowed to obtain this prestigious Certification. This is an example of one of the many competitive advantages

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Real Estate Investing in Action | Freedom Mentor

Take my course Creative Real Estate Investing and Flipping Houses (use the coupon code “freedommentor”) to get it for free. If you managed to do that well back in the day, you could definitely take off with what I share.

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How to Get Unlimited Free Motivated Sellers on Autopilot

I been watching your videos for while now. Trying to educate myself about the enitre real estate investing world before actually taking to make a deal. Im using a creative strategy to find motivated sellers which is not hard in the Detroit, Mi market considering houses are aictioned off anf sold as low a $1 here.

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The Secret to Short Sales and Foreclosures | Freedom Mentor

I have a property with a mortgage of 70000k the house has been destroyed by squatters and is knot worth the mortgage amt. it will take about 40-55,000 put plumbing, walls, appliances, heating system back in the house.

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7 Ways Real Estate Investors Fail | Freedom Mentor

You're about to discover the 7 ways real estate investors fail. These are the most common ways that investors fall apart in real estate. They (1) quit too early, (2) run out of money, (3) do bad deals, (4) get into bad partnerships, (5) get sidetracked on "bigger and better" deals, (6) get lucky on the first deal, or (7) just truly have no idea what their doing.

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How to Focus on the Money Makers | Freedom Mentor

Freedom Mentor says June 5, 2017 at 3:49 pm take this course Creative Real Estate Investing & Flipping Houses and use the coupon code “freedommentor” to get it for free. Reply. Hapsai says my question is how will i cope with my loan? did i will allow that particular tenant to pay off the loan or what? also, the same above story but

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Secret to Flipping Houses | Freedom Mentor

This is the Secret to Flipping Houses . Rather than close on the property, fix it up and then resell it to a retail buyer, as in the above example, instead, simply flip the property to a contractor-investor-buyer. Wholesale the property to a full time contractor who buys, rehabs and resells 1 or 2 properties per year.

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Personal Finance Wisdom You'll Hear No Where Else

Personal Finance Wisdom You’ll Hear No Where Else. save, save the rest. Fantastic, throw it back into assets. If you're just starting off and you're trying to figure this whole thing out, I definitely think the faster you can get into the world of business and become a business owner, understanding how to run a business is a much more

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Creative Real Estate vs Traditional Investing | Freedom Mentor

So when a certain Guru uses headlines like, “The Death of Mom and Pop Real Estate Investors”, it gets more opens, more clicks, more views, more activity, then a bland and boring title like, “Creative Real Estate vs Traditional Investing.” But the truth is, times are better than ever for Mom and Pop investors if they go the creative route.

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The Biggest Mistake Investors Make | Freedom Mentor

Hi Phil, Thanks for your awesome video presentations – very helpful and concise information delivered in no-nonsense manner. The one on ‘the biggest mistake investors make’ is great and reminds me of the predicament I’m in now: sensing a great deal with a potential of six-figure profit slipping away!

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