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A century is one hundred years and the civilization of the Egyptian people was nearly 30 centuries long. The unification of the people of upper and lower Egypt by King Menes created the first recorded dynasty around the Nile, as he founded the capital of ancient Egypt at White Walls (later known as Memphis).

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Teacher's Guide to Great Summer Reading Incentives to

Incentivizing summer work is one of the best ways to ensure the majority of your class will actually do the assignment. Learn some great ideas for summer reading incentives to get students to complete their summer reading assignments. Some incentives that are covered are giving extra credit, giving out prizes, formally recognizing, and testing students on the reading material.

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"Five Minutes Peace" Mother's Day Activities for Preschool

To personalize the gift, have the student’s cut the coupons out if they can and/or print their name on each coupon. Place the coupons inside of a homemade card for mom with the bath salt gift. Finishing Off- Make it a Day! Pull these Mother’s Day activities for prekindergarten children together by throwing a Mother’s Day party at school.

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High School Student Incentive Ideas - BrightHub Education

Eating/Drinking Incentives…Always Popular! The best high school student incentive ideas involve food and drink. Another incentive, which my students love, is the opportunity to earn eating/drinking privileges.

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Five Toddler Transition Activity Ideas: Fun & Easy Ways to

Toddlers need help transitioning from one activity to the next in the classroom or childcare setting. If you're a teacher of young children this age, you know that toddlers don't always transition well. Here are some toddler transition activities that are sure to make any toddler teacher's day easier. Check them out.

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As Teachers, Are we Unmotivating Our Motivated Students

After, the class stops everything and the children go off to the reading corner to choose books to read quietly and independently. They carefully follow the guidelines they came up with as a class to see this time each day is not interrupted. During silent reading the teacher meets with Child B to hear him read and make notes about his progress.

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Create an Easy Student Picture Christmas Ornaments: A Gift

Print out the pictures on a photo printer. Most schools have them now. If your school does not, then you can get digital photo prints at a pharmacy for a reasonable price–look for coupons in your Sunday paper. Allow the students to come up to your desk and pick what color foam sheet they want for their ornament.

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Comparing Rosetta Stone Online and Rosetta Stone Software

So the advantage of being able to learn from any computer with an Internet connection and always pick up where you left off is balanced out by the potential failure point of the remote connection. Rosetta Stone Online gets 4 out of 5 for availability, and an extra thumbs up on the side for doing a system check every time it loads, with a clear

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Summer Math Activities for Parents of Second and Third

Together, check your local newspaper or online for coupons offering cents off your favorite foods. At the grocery store, put your child in charge of finding the products and presenting the coupons at checkout. Each time you do this coupon activity, put the money you saved into a jar or piggy bank. Use the money, which the child can practice

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Four Easy Tips to Create a Summer Learning Environment at

Keep your child learning all summer long while they have loads of fun. With these four simple summer learning tips for elementary students, your children will retain what they've learned during the school year and learn more than you ever thought possible - all while having fun! Also included are other activities that your child won't even know are educational that teach them about

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