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"This Coupon is worth 1/20 of 1 cent." Does anyone

“Special 20% off all purchases of $200 or more by Dec. 31” See reverse side for details. So I actually read the details on back. And at the end it said: “This coupon is redeemable for 1/20 of 1 cent.” So if I gathered 20 coupons together, I could exchange it for a penny? So if I gathered 2000 coupons . . . a dollar?

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How come companies don't give good coupons anymore

This week I got some coupons, 20% off at Borders, $20 off a $20 purchase for Brecks bulbs, $20 coupon no min for Park Seed. I got $40 worth of bulbs for about 75 cents plus shipping ( about $11 together), thats a hot deal, better than half off.

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Grocery Coupons: Worth it or not worth it? - In My Humble

However, they will only take 5 alike coupons per shopping trip. Before coupons, my total was $216.19 tonight. After coupons, I paid $84.19, for a savings of $132.00. This is the most I’ve saved. With the exceptions of running in for forgotten things or milk, I usually save at least 40% off my grocery bill each time I shop.

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Ethics of the Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon [Archive

Each coupon is for 20% off a single item. Also circulated are $5 off an item $15 or more. Once in a great while you may see a 20% off your total purchase, but those are good only for a few specified days and they actually enforce those dates.

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"If We Don't Give You a Recepit, Your Order's Free" -- Why

as small conciliation, i start using the 20% off coupons we put out every weekend on a few orders an hour, and pocketing the discount amount. i don’t remember why this wasn’t easily spotted by the manager, but it wasn’t – it was a pretty bare-bones register so maybe that had something to do with it. i remember thinking i was tripling my

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Collecting cash value for coupons [Archive] - Straight

As a young lad I remember my mother visiting laundromats and other places to clip the cents off coupons out of magazines then using them to do the weekly grocery shopping. This was before the manufacturers started requiring that you actually bought their product. If us kids were lucky she would have enough coupons to get some change back and we

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The Macy's Coupon That Wasn't [Archive] - Straight Dope

I walked into Macy's this week with great expectations, holding my newspaper coupon for 20% off all regular and sale merchandise. However, one sixth of the coupon described the discount, and the other five sixths described a long list of exclusions, including Specials, Everyday Values, designer wear (although outwear was excluded from the designer exclusion :rolleyes:).

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CVS extra care and similar discount cards - General

They can send you targeted coupons for stuff you really buy, instead of scattershot couponing for what you don’t buy. They know my name, address, age, and buying habits. In exchange, I get discounts on stuff I’d buy anyway, money-back certificates, and a hang-tag on my keys that’ll get them mailed back if I lose 'em.

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Scratch-off game technology: Any way to cheat? [Archive

On most lottery tickets, there is the game area, and at the bottom in an inconspicuous area, there is a code number used to verify the card is a winner. A con artist bought like a hundred lottery cards, and carefully scratched off just enough of the code number area to read whether the card was a winner. He left all the game play area untouched.

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How to get rid of social media links on web page

More and more recently I’ve been seeing social media links in a vertical bar on the left hand side of the page – like this. These things block the text of the page so that I have to keep the text I want to read below the links – otherwise the text is obscured by the links. How do I stop this from happening? Thanks, J. p.s. Windows 7, Chrome 39.0.2171.95

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